Wednesday, 10 January 2007

Some Links to Pass the Time

I have added some of my favourit links for you to take a look at. As I add more I will probably end up categorising them, but they will remain in list form for now.

PvP Online is a comic strip I read almost every day. It's about a gaming magazine company and all the characters which make up the staf (including a mythical troll called Skull). It is very witty and you do not really need to know about games to follow it.

Dilbert is another comic strip I read on a regular basis. It has been going for quite a while now, mainly because Scott Adams is such a fine observer of office politics.

Random Acts of Reality is a blog by Tom Reynolds covering all aspects of his life centering mainly around his work in the London Ambulance Service. The stories make for compelling reading and give one a healthy respect for all Ambulance personnelle everywhere.

My final link today is Londonist. It is a blog covering as much as possible of the goings on in the Greater London area. I usually dip into it every now and then for a mild diversion and to see if there is any cool stuff happening.
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