Wednesday, 10 January 2007

iPhone Revealed

As often as possible I'm going to comment on a news story I've read in the papers or online. Today's pick isn't really a revelation, but I've go to start somewhere!

So, yesterday Steve Jobs of Apple unvailed the new iPhone. Everybody is swooning over it. Jobs said in his presentation "The iPod changed everything in 2001. We're going to do it again with the iPhone in 2007." I have no doubt about this. Apple is such a strong brand that you would have to be six feet under to miss it.
Like iPods, I feel that the first generation will be good, but wait for the 2nd generation as they will have got most of the bugs out. The best thing about the iPhone, I feel, is that everyone else will be forced to raise their standards. Be on the look out for smart phones that do what the iPhone does, but cheaper and in some cases better. iPod did that for music, so why can't iPhone do that for mobile telephony?

PvP has a great little comic strip about it today. Brent is a Mac yuppy in case you are slightly confused.
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