Tuesday, 23 January 2007

2012 to 2012

Today is a momentous occasion for London (and the rest of the UK); there are now 2012 days to go before the 2012 Olympics. You would think there would be some sort of celebration to try and drum up some enthusiasm. Nothing. All we had this morning on the BBC news was Lord Coe going on about how he wants the games to be the greenest games to date. Woo hoo. That has really got me excited... Not! Where's the "Today is a great milestone in the journey to the Olympics!", message? I don't want to hear statistics on how little waste there is going to be. I want to hear about how great things are going to be! It's not even the main news item on the London 2012 website!
The Olympics is becoming so over budgeted that someone soon is going to say 'enough'. Then what will happen? Less seats in the stadia? Already there is going to be less money going to non-Olympic good causes due to the increased funding required from the National Lottery fund.
I think the British Olympic Committee (BOC) has missed a perfect occasion for positive promotion of the Olympics today. If people feel good and excited about something as big as the Olympics, then they won't focus so highly on the money aspect.
I am a big fan of the Olympics. I think that it is a good way to promote racial equality, sportsmanship, sports for health. Having never been in a country leading up to hosting the Olympics before, I am unaware of how other countries and people viewed their government's handling of money and publicity for the event. I am perhaps talking for a point of ignorance slightly, but I feel that the BOC were a bit ignorant at what the overall costs would be; you would have thought they would find out about things like VAT first! I also feel that the press are not getting enough "good news" from the BOC and therefore have to dig up dirt for their papers. The BOC needs to get their house in order and start 'attacking' the British view on the Olympics by releasing good publicity as soon as possible. After all, we all like an excuse to celebrate don't we?
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