Friday, 8 May 2009

Let the Games Begin

This weekend sees the start of a new part of my life. Summer club sports. For years I have been meaning to get back into playing cricket, and either couldn't be bothered, or forgot, or in one case the team never got back to me.
This summer will be different. I have joined my local club Chesham CC. Everyone has been very welcoming, even trying to teach me which end of the funny stick I need to hold to hit that funny red thing! Now I am cricket mad! I eat, sleep, drink cricket. It's like I'm 12 again, absorbing any snippet of information I can.

Tomorrow, I will be playing my first club match in 20 years (yes, you read correctly!). Chesham 4th XI are at home to NPL Teddington CC 3rd XI. We are meeting as part of the 8b league of the Morrant Thames Valley Leagues. I can't wait. Next week I will try and post about the pain I'll be in.

Watch this space!