Monday, 26 February 2007

Happy Birthday Future Mrs. Mouse

The future Mrs. Mouse was born on this day a couple more than 20 years ago (it's not polite to mention a lady's age). Everyone sing in full voice now:


There were quite a few people born on this day in history:

Johnny Cash was born today in 1932. The original Man In Black was known for many hit country songs including Boy Named Sue, Ring of Fire, and I Walk the Line.

Fats Domino, also a singer was born today in 1928. He sang many songs, but the one I remember clearest was Bluberry Hill. It reached number 2 in the American charts in 1956.

Levi Strauss was also born on this day in 1829. He is famous for the Levi's brand of jeans worn by many of the gold prospectors during the California Gold Rush during the late 19th century.

So there you have it. Johnny, Fats, and Levi are definitely in illustrious company.

Happy Birthday!

Tuesday, 13 February 2007

Sinus Headaches are not Fun

I have had a sinus headache for the past four days. Now, I have had the normal blocked sinus headache before. Most people experience these when they have a particularly snotty cold.
Last Friday, I woke up and headed off to work. It was only about two stops into my normal train journey when I realised that I couldn't focus on my newspaper or anything around me because the pain in my left eye and on the left side of my head was so bad.
I have spent the past four days, including Friday, leaning over a bowl of boiling water and sniffing Otrivine. I am still in pain, but not as bad as it was. At its height, I almost could not see out my left eye, and moving my head at all caused hard thudding pains down the left side of my head and neck. This is the worst headache I have had in memory.
I hope this bloody thing goes away soon so I can get back to my photography, as well as other projects I have on the go (you will hear about them at a later date).

Nannoo, Nannoo

Monday, 5 February 2007


As you may know, I have another blog. SheyMouse's Photoblog is where I post a lot of my photos. I know I am not the greatest photographer in the world, but I am learning and improving with every day. Therefore, if I got good enough to be exhibited in the Natural History Museum in the Shell Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition I would be very annoyed if someone came and did this:
BBC: Activists Deface Shell Exhibition
I first saw the article on Londonist. I agree with everything that the article says. Here is the link:
Londonist: Oily History Museum

If someone did that to my photo, protective glass or not, they would have to sleep with one eye open for a very long time.

The people who did this were trying to get a message across about global warming, etc. being bad. All they succeeded in doing with me is putting me off ever listining to or reading any of their material. Defacing someone elses property (particularly art) is shameful, and cowardly.

If you want to get your message across, why not make a statement that these wildlife photos may no longer be possible if the climate keeps on changing? If any of you who did the defacing read this, I hope you are ashamed of what you've done.