Saturday, 18 February 2012

Welcome Visitors from

With my renewed attempt to blog often has come the inevitable use to the statistics part of the blogger dashboard to see if you, dear reader, are taking a look at these ramblings I put out.

The statistics for this site aren't mind blowing, but I do find it fun seeing where people come from, and what they searched for to get here. It was while looking at these stats I noticed that a large number of referrals are coming from

I have gone to the site, and searched for this blog, my name, and anything else I can think of which would tie my blog to the site. I have come up with nothing! So, if you have come here from Estherderby, please drop me a note and say hi. Also, please let me know what is bringing you here, even if it is an instruction to look at this site as an example of how not to do something. My curiosity is certainly piqued!

In the meantime, welcome my friends. Come in, and have a look around!

Magnifying Glass | Michael Connors

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